En Route

Thursday, March 28

I rally wish every person who worked at the airport didn't hate their lives. Granted, I haven't been to the airport in years and this is my first time flying by myself, so maybe I'm still young and naive enough to get excited about flying and seeing all of these different people at a crossroads. We are all en route to somewhere different and I think that is so beautiful.

My dad walked with me to security and then I made my way down to my terminal, where I'm sitting right now. Everyone looks so tired and upset, and that's just the workers. I asked my dad why everyone who worked at the airport was always in the worst mood and he said, "Well, when I was flying a lot people still enjoyed travel. Then 9/11 happened, and the economy tanked, and the airlines started charging for every little thing, and now it's not as fun anymore."

This is a shame. Once again, maybe it's because I'm not a frequent flyer and I'm preparing to fly and see my best friend that I am so happy to be here. (Also my outfit is flawless today and cute security guy hit on me... that could have something to do with my mood.... maybe)

Do you ever think about how lucky we are that air travel is so accessible to us? If I saved up enough money, I could catch a flight to just about anywhere in the world at almost any time. The world is literally at my fingertips. That is amazing.

One of my favorite past times is people watching. I'll tell you this right now, besides Walmart, the airport is the best place to do this. I love to invent lives for the people around me who are all traveling for different reasons. A young 18 year old heading out to serve God for two years, shaking with fear and missing his family. Shaking with anticipation to get there and start his journey.

The woman with the pretty eyes, smiling to herself while reading a text message. She's going to visit her fiance and has no idea that he will be proposing to her tonight.

The mother and father in the corner flying to take care of their sister in the hospital in a far away state.

The human experience is such a beautiful thing and seeing all walks of life in a state of transition in the airport is so beautiful. I understand that airports are frustrating and confusing, travel has become a hassle with crazy security measures and insistent announcements, but there is also a comfort in being there with all of these different people. We are all here together, traveling together, experiencing life together. How lucky are we that we can all be so connected even when we are apart.

Happy and safe travels!