Hump Day Jams

Wednesday, May 22

It's been a very chill time here for the past few days. I am on my last class of book work for my dental assisting certificate. Next I'm ready to do all sorts of stuff with my hands! I'm excited to get down to some real work.

On Monday I had the enormous treat of being on my gmail at the same time one of my best friends was. Garrett is on his 2 year trek of religion in Argentina and because of that, the letters are few and far between. But because we were on at the same time, it was like we were texting each other. It was so so magical. I cried and had to leave my classroom because I was so emotional. That day made the rest of this week feel very nostalgic and lovely. This song sort of sounds like that. It's called Hero by Family of the Year. The lyrics are so simple and wonderful.

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Thank you for your words; they light a fire in my heart. You are lovely.