red cars

Sunday, August 24

The strings are cut, my nails are trimmed
and every day my hair grows inch by inch.

The red balloons drifted through the
April clouds, pulsed with the atmosphere

and popped before an unfamiliar God could
push them back down to Earth, to my arms.

Each fire engine siren grabs my still protruding belly,
screams into my ears like I screamed

on the bathroom floor as the tile
bloomed scarlet beneath me. I run.

To feed the demons, to shush them and
to obliterate the remaining fat that

grew with the early springtime bud.
One more mile. One more sprint.

One more inch to pull myself through
until my heart stops breaking.

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  1. did you write this? very intense. and great writing.

    1. I did write this :) Thank you so much.

  2. this is very strong and deep... I can feel those screams in the bathroom floor... did you lose someone?.."a balloon popped"... that's what I understood by it...
    ...I'm sorry if that is the case... much love, xoxo

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Thank you for your words; they light a fire in my heart. You are lovely.