battle scars

Tuesday, November 11

I dressed like Seattle that day, my hair liquefying into the Puget Sound.
I wanted to be my own home, built inside my own bones.
But inside his strong arms our lavender bodies fell together,
Struggling humans opposed to these falsely perfect people riddled with expectation.
He moved me, begged me to punch him in the ribs,
Find his heart- he craved determination and diligence.

Only screaming and breathing and breaking emotion down
Will let my skin know war, the last sentence he speaks in the dark
The last bullet hole of a bleeding turquoise sentence.
How do you know the distinction between lover of sex and sex addict when
Having the lights off makes it all so much more forbidden and foggy?

Send me right to hell. Send me swiftly right on down.

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  1. you
    leave me

    much love

  2. The cruelest seem to love you when you're cruel.

  3. dressed like Seattle / lavender bodies / bleeding turquoise sentence

    that's inventive, it creates an atmosphere that speaks for itself.


Thank you for your words; they light a fire in my heart. You are lovely.