Saturday, March 1

It's felt so quiet in the blogging world these past few weeks, hasn't it? Just me? February was upon us and it made everything feel quieter. Everything felt very tired and heavy this month, except the gorgeous weather that Salt Lake City has been treated to. When it wasn't a day sprinkled with springtime sun, it was sprinkling rain. My two favorites. I was even able to read outside for the first time of the year. I even felt a bit too hot in the sunlight. I stayed in the sun. I stayed hot. It was delicious and welcome. I'm ready to be too hot as opposed to too cold.

March is a favorite of mine and if the end of February was any inclination as to the wonder that will be March, I say bring it on!

Wonderful things coming this March and beyond:

  • I'll be 22 on the 20th! I've always felt so much older than I am and as I continue to pass birthdays I feel like I'm finally aging into my personality (Thanks for the quote Nick Miller.) 
  • Last Thursday was the first of my four workshop classes for a Young Adult Literature writing class. We met with an editor as well as a literary agent and got to pick their brains about writing and publishing. Next week I'm bringing in some of my own writing to be edited by the next guest speaker, a writer of Young Adult fiction. Cannot wait!
  • Even bigger news, this week I found out that both of the pieces I submitted to the National Undergraduate Literature Conference were accepted! Not only was I invited to the conference, but I will be reading both of my pieces at the conference! I'm overwhelmed and excited and humbled and all of the other adjectives. That conference is the first week of April :) Look at me, achieving things. Unreal. Still.
  • The novel didn't get finished in February. Surprise surprise, school has kept me enormously busy. So much reading. So much essays. So much studying. Not a lot of time for personal writing, especially the novel. I cannot wait for spring break so I can sink myself back into that pool and lose myself in that story again without that nagging voice in the back of my head telling me I should probably be doing homework instead. 
February came and went very fast, even if her presence was felt very heavily. I hope March feels the need to stay a while, have a drink with me, take me out on the town. 

How were your February days? I hope March is even better for us all. Big things are coming this year. My bones are buzzing.

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  1. Congrats on the.conference achievement!!!! I'm so.proud!
    And yes,...february was slow.for.me.too, hope march.is.better.
    Enjoy.your.upcoming adult fiction lietrature courses, share us what you learn if.you.please! ....and.enjoy the birthday, awwww to.be young and 22 again....i'll soon be 30! What are the.plans for the day? ....i like to spend my birthdays quietly and alone, acknowledging how i change.from one age.to another, what i did.last year and what i hope.for the next. I've.never felt my age either....sometimes i feel so much older and some.others i feel way younger.... i couldn't tell my real mental or spiritual age 'cause.it changes...the same way as my mood, style, likes and dislikes change,...i'm a chameleon in every way

  2. such exciting things coming up! so cool that you will be reading at the conference :D congrats!!

    february was slow for me to.. i'm glad it's over. i'm looking forward to everything march will bring.

  3. So many wonderful things happening for you. I'm way excited for your March to come. I'm totally jealous of your weather. We got snow in CO today. February came and went too fast for me as well. I'm looking forward to summer time so I can get some sun.

  4. Congratulations on all your achievements! That's absolutely wonderful :) Here's to March being a good month for you!

  5. cheers to march babies! i'll toast to that. february has been quiet. i just looked, and i posted a whopping seven times. whoop-dee-do. don't want to overdo it. also, congrats to you on your exciting news!! so amazing.

  6. That young adult fiction writing class sounds amazing.

  7. Ah, amazing! Congrats on the conference girl, I feel so proud! Completely understand if that sounds creepy, but each time I read your words I long for them to be seen and heard by people who can bring change. Let us all know how it goes!

    L xx


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