tag, you're it!

Wednesday, March 12

Beautiful Lacey tagged me to do a fun sort of getting to know you tag. I feel as though it's been a little while since I've "introduced myself" to all of you so now feels like a wonderful time to tell you a bit more about the girl behind the words. Let's do this.

1. What's your motto?

"Vitality shows in not only the ability to persist but the ability to start over." - F. Scott Fitzgerald.

I like the idea of being vital. Being able to carry on through whatever struggle you are facing, not just leaving everything behind and not learning from it. Starting over, getting a blank slate, and facing it like a hero. That's vitality.

2. What's the first memory you remember having?

Oooh this is a good one. I remember taking a bunch of styrofoam hunks from out of a package my parents got and making them into movie theater seats. I sat all of my stuffed animals in the seats, shined my nightlight at my TV screen, and had a private showing of the movie Titanic. Pretty ingenious to make a movie theater in my bedroom, complete with projection light. Genius little girl. Titanic is the first movie I remember watching when I was around three. You can say me and Leo have been meant to be since the very first day.

3. Is there a word you seem to say a lot?

Literally. Nope. (Let's be realistic. My most used word is for sure Bitch. I am Jesse Pinkman.)

4. If you could live anywhere, where would you choose?

Anywhere in England. But also Seattle. Anywhere rainy and lovely and inspiring with beautiful bearded men.

5. What's your favorite indulgence? 

Oh there are so many different kinds! Netflix marathons, buying a stack of new books, chocolate covered strawberries. There is a chocolate factory about a block from my house and I went last night to get some chocolate berries. Guess what they told me? Saturday night. 50% off chocolate strawberries. This is dangerous knowledge.

6. What's a song you have repeatedly stuck in your head? 

Lately? What Would You Do by Bastille. He is everything and more. I cannot with him.

7. Think of something soft? What's the first thing that comes to your mind?

My baby blankets. Step off. I'm 22 and I still sleep with them every night. Like a straight playa.

8. When you were a kid who did you look up to and why?

Always my teachers. I thought they were so astounding and did so much. My home life was constantly full of shocks and surprises but when I came to school my teachers were able to wrangle all of these kids with what looked like ease. And they always loved me and supported me. I have always had the best teachers.

9. If you could communicate with any animal, which would you choose?

You know, I was going to say my dogs but then I realize nope. They've seen some things that I don't want to hear about from their perspective. They know a little too much about me. So I'm gonna go with birds. I want to hear about places I've never seen and views I'll never have.

10. What do you like to do on rainy days?

Nap with the windows open so I can feel the freezing breeze while I'm in bed. Then I'll wake up slowly and pick up a book and lose myself completely. Also... if a pretty bearded boy wanted to show up with Curry for two... I wouldn't be mad.

11. What do you hope to achieve this year?

I want to live and write and think for myself and no one else. I don't want to make any solid goals that can be measured, like finishing any big projects. I will know if I've written for myself and lived for myself. And by God I will.

I loved this tag. I tag Shelby and D for this tag! And also anyone else who wants to participate!


  1. I still have my baby blanket too! There's nothing wrong with that. It's an accomplishment, really.... just the fact that it's lasted this long. It just shows that we take care of and cherish the things we love... right?

  2. that bastille song is incredible. i love these questions, they are unique. seattle is magical. oh! and one more thing...edible arrangements will send you just a box of chocolate covered strawberries. they are HUGE and DELICIOUS.

  3. Thanks for doing this post. It was great getting to know you a little better. =)

  4. you're my favorite - is it weird that i feel like i know you?


  5. Thinking for yourself seems to be getting more and more difficult. you know? It seems like many people say things and think things simply because they feel like they should. So I admire that. I admire you.

  6. yes! so great to get to know you a bit more. i already know you have a phenomenal way with words! :-) i love hearing that you had really great teachers growing up. teachers are saints in my book. i could not do what they do! also, chocolate covered strawberries at half price? send me a dozen, will ya? thanks for playing along! :-)


Thank you for your words; they light a fire in my heart. You are lovely.