Friday, July 25

With grace and with teardrops she sighs,
makes a move for the crushed velvet dress
sitting in a pile at the foot of the bed.
His cigarette smoke behind her curls
around his face like a villain's mustache
from her father's old cartoons.
He was never a man she saw herself with
and yet moments before she let herself
moan in his arms, let his sweat hover
above her and glue their chests together.

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  1. I can never see myself with anyone, until it happens.

  2. Ohh I like Melissa! Glue their chests together... Mmmm that is so real and sooooo good!

  3. wow, beautiful!

  4. His cigarette smoke behind her curls
    around his face like a villain's mustache
    from her father's old cartoons.

    i really like that. and i like how you have your own writing style. it's beautiful and drenched in feeling.

  5. I agree with "D" on the lines she liked... gives us a hugeeee image perspective... and a fantasy one... I can already see the guy, the mustache... and I love the reference about the smoke looking like one...
    ..I've been a couple of times with men I never saw myself being with... just to feel the void, just to pretend they were someone else... sometimes you really "need" someone, don't you think? are you doing?'s work?.. the theater?
    ...glad you enjoyed my last drawing... I just come up with illustrations of whatever's inside my head/heart... I often feel they can only mean something to me... but when someone else gets related to it.. when someone else understands it fully... only then I feel I've "triumphed" as an artist...even a little one... mini artist...
    much love, xoxo

  6. It's like I'm reading some recent personal events and the connection you can feel with strangers baffles me at times.

    1. They baffle me too and I love them. It's great to feel that connection.

  7. Your writing always makes me go 'yes, i know this, this is me.' Keep on reassuring me I'm not crazy x

  8. I so wish I could relate to other people but I almost never can. Then there are these rare flashes of light, like you.

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Thank you for your words; they light a fire in my heart. You are lovely.