Tuesday, July 22

I want to see you standing in my doorway. I want to sit on my porch with you and talk for hours on end. I want to see you above me pressing out all of the air in my lungs with your body weight. I want to feel our breathing synch up and see the sun peek over your shoulder after twisting hours on their heads. I want to read books with you and read your words and have you read mine.

Let's create a reality from this fiction. Let's talk and play and fall together. Let me feel your lips for longer than the moments I've only tasted so far.

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  1. I want this too from someone I will probably never see or hear from again. They have such a hold on our hearts, or we can't let them go.

    1. Isn't it astounding how quickly they burrow themselves inside of us?

    2. How is it that some beings we come across do burrow themselves within us, even though this life of ours and all those roaming the earth at this very moment, are fleeting? "So it goes" said Kurt Vonnegut

  2. i love this thought... a warm silhouette... his words... my words... no words...

  3. This is so beautiful. It is such a romantic notion to want to talk to someone for hours on end - I definitely want to be in a relationship like that. :)


Thank you for your words; they light a fire in my heart. You are lovely.