easy girl

Saturday, September 13

It gets easier not to pick at your nails,
the incessant pluck flick pluck

It gets easier to shut your eyes at night
without checking for bodies in your closet.

It gets easier to listen to those songs
again, the songs imbedded with evil.

It gets easier making friends who 
understand writing and withhold judgment. 

It gets easier to ease words out
of your brain the more you write.

It gets easier to admit the word rape
even with the acid it leaves in your mouth.

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  1. This is simple and beautiful. The repetition is working well. It most certainly does get easier, thanks for the reminder. Well done, love.

  2. I hope it gets easier... I hope that if I repeat it all these times it will get easier... easy, easy girl...I like that kind of easy girl..
    xoxo, much love my little poet..

  3. i find your recent posts so intimate and personal that i don't really know how to comment on them. but i want you to know that i admire you so much for everything you write. you truly are in inspiration.

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Thank you for your words; they light a fire in my heart. You are lovely.