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Monday, February 4

It's been a sad few weeks what with all this horrid weather and smog and just general blues. BUT, the sun is out and little things are creeping under my skin to make me smile. Here's some things that are making me happy right now. (In list form because nothing is happier than ORGANIZATION)

  • Spring is coming!!
    • Guys. The sun is out for the first time in what feels like sixteen years. The other day I got done with work at 11 in the morning, I walked outside and it felt so warm and lovely! Today I drove with my windows down with music play and the sun streaming in, gah I could have died. Granted my heater was also on full blast but I'll take it. Also, look at these gorgeous pictures of spring and things. I'M DEAD.

    Marie Antoinette is the prettiest movie to watch.
  • Sour Patch Watermelons
    • These are the best candy always. I told my mom to get some... so she brought home a one pound super bag full of joy and diabetes. There is only a tiny ziplock bag remaining. She brought it home a week ago. NO SHAME.
  • Arthur.
    • K. I've been watching Arthur on Netflix to help me fall asleep at night. You guys. This show is the best. Yeah, I'm talking about the PBS Arthur show from our youth. It's so awesome. All of these children love reading and I love them. Except stupid Francine and D.W. who will always suck. But this show is so clever. My favorite episode is when Fern's favorite author is Persimmony Glitchet, who writes The Series of Horrible Happenings. SO CLEVER I LOVE LEMONY SNICKET AND ARTHUR.

  • This New Song I Heard Today
    • Driving around today, this song happened. It was one of those moments where I just kept driving because the song was too perfect. It's called Safe and Sound by Capital Cities and seriously... it's the best thing I've heard in so long. They are my new obsession. And watch the video because it's perfect. Perfect.
  • Amy Poehler
    • Amy Poehler is my spirit animal. I am her. She is me. We are one. Everything she says is what I say. Nobody is greater than her.

  • Ian Somerhalder.

  • This cat. This cat most of all.

So what's making you guys happy right now? LEMME KNOW I LOVE YOU BYE.

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