Thursday, June 13

-being barely awake at 5:30. roll over darling, you still have hours to sleep.
-sweet little puppy faces cuddling with you in the early morning light streaking into your bedroom.
-sunlit sky so bright so early and so late.  endless possibilities on those horizons.
-dew coated grass kissing your bare feet in the early morning.

-solitude and silence with the rest of the world still in its mid morning slumber.
-cold cokes in the sun soaked afternoon.
-hazy violet, velvet evening skies.
-the pavement sweating as your shoes slip off. you step onto the hot ground, cold winter feet thawing.

-secret smiles flitting across your face, memories of summers past.
-soft winds singing from their perches in the leaves.
-driving free and clear on the open road, middle of the night, no one's watching. no one's hearing. 
-disappear into the light. breathe summer in.

*all images via Tumblr

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  1. love this. and what is it about driving alone on a big open road in the middle of the night that just seems to be the perfect cure for a creative funk. maybe it's just me..


Thank you for your words; they light a fire in my heart. You are lovely.