Hump Day Jams

Wednesday, June 5

It's finally starting to feel like summer. It's so gorgeous outside with the clear blue sky and green trees dancing together. I'm so close to being done with school and I get to do my favorite thing and read outside!

Yesterday my best friend Niki and I took my dogs for a walk and ate the world's biggest corn dogs covered in honey and ketchup. (But really... don't knock this til you try it.) We had snow cones and made cookies and talked and laughed. Twas the world's best day.

Here's looking at you, summer. With a movie I watch a lot every summer. You could say I watch it for... 500 days... OK these jokes are getting out of hand and leading nowhere. I love 500 Days of Summer and it has the best soundtrack. I especially love this song. Perfect for some summer driving.

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