le premier octobre

Wednesday, October 1

Happy October! The air this time of year just feels so alive. There is the anticipation of season's changing and the anticipation of cold weather. That means more time inside cuddling up under a mountain of covers with a mountain of treats and cider. Also Christmas as well. But mostly Halloween. This year I will be going to Rocky Horror at midnight. Don't let me forget to share pictures with you guys; it should be a delight! But even more than all of that. It's almost Thanksgiving. Which is the most important day. Because gravy. Also my stepmom makes the most delicious cranberry sauce in the entire world and I could swim in it, which I basically do on Thanksgiving.

I feel like I haven't checked in with you guys in a while. I've been posting a bit more sporadically than I would like to post and I hope to fix that soon. I've been feeling much more inspired lately thanks in large part to the poetry class I'm currently in and a new wonderful friend I've made. His name is Tyler and he is flawless and lovely. He writes a lot like I write and so being able to inspire each other has been a wonder. He also has a blog and you should go leave him some love here. He's astounding.

So here's a bit of what I've been up to and just some general thoughts I've been wanting to share with you all.

  • I started working in the Writing Center at my University as a tutor and I adore my job. I get to help all sorts of students write all sorts of papers and it is so amazing. I get to read papers about Greek mythology, mathematical theorems (not really my favorite, but I feel really smart when I read them out loud), German fairytales, psychology studies. Everything. It is so cool. I feel like I am learning so much from these papers and these students. It's doing wonders for my own writing.
  • I've been so busy with work and school but don't think for one second that I am not reading your blogs still and that I don't adore each and every comment I receive from all of you. The little community I've become a part of through this blog and through your blogs is so incredibly important to me. You are all so insanely talented and lovely. Whenever I need inspiration I fall right into your words and I feel so much. Thank you all for sharing your beautiful gifts and for sharing in mine. You have all changed me and helped me more than you could ever know. 
  • I'm itching to get back to San Francisco. Or just to have another vacation in general. I'm hoping to get to Europe this coming summer. One way or another. 
  • I really want to be Alex Vause from Orange is the New Black for Halloween but this guy told me that I'm already too much like her for it to qualify. I was both saddened and incredibly flattered. 
  • I want some new blogs to love and obsess over. If you have any favorites, please let me know in comments. 
  • Also where are your favorite places to get sweaters? I need some new warm and cuddly things to wrap myself in.
Well, this was random but I miss checking in with you guys. How is your fall going? How's life? (I promise I'll get back to the moody writing now. Just wanted to say hey) 

Also this song sounds like fall to me. Got any good fall songs?


  1. it's so good to hear that you're doing good :) what kind of poetry class are you taking? i'm thinking of taking one too. and your job sounds cool! being able to learn and help people at the same time is great. oh and you should come to europe! if you need any tips, let me know!

  2. so many things.
    i adore Alex Vause– major woman crush on her. i wish i could do that kind of eyeliner, but i just cant! and now that you say it, you do look like her! i'm also curious about the poetry class you're taking... i like hearing about your classes and what you're learning. there's an obscure bar in the city near me that has poetry night and i have been going and i really adore hearing other poets rhyme.. i emerge brimming with inspiration... there's just something about poetry... you know?

    sir sly- haunt me
    the airborne toxic event- sometime around midnight
    night terrors of 1927- when you were mine
    milky chance- flashed junk mind

    ... all sound like fall to me... xo

  3. busy bee... that's good...
    I find it that whenever I'm busy I have less time to indulge in my self-loathing and depression... I'm such a downer aren't I? ...haha can't help having a dark side...
    anyway...greek mythology, sounds awesome!..I love that topic...have you read the books by Taylor Caldwell?... especially "glory and the lightning"...loved that one about PEricles and Aspacia... or other ones like "Adriano's Memoirs", "Pericles" by other authors I don't remember now... anyway... looking forward to Fall too... it's my favorite season, though we don't see much of it here at the Caribbean but still... I remember it and cherish it more because I can't see it anymore... save me one of those red/orange leaves that fall from the trees at your town... and Alex Vause oh yes!!!! please do it!

  4. Hello love!
    It is so wonderful to read this little update about what is going on in your life. I do so agree with you - this time always feels so alive, the smells in the air are incredible and it just fills me up with a deep warmth that I just can't seem to explain properly.

    It is so very lovely to hear how well things are going for you :) I haven't heard the song by Stars for so long, it was a joy to put on whilst reading this, thank you. I have been listening to a lot of Hozier and Sleeping At Last if you want to give them a go :) And when I want my head to explode in colours and patterns I listen to Odesza (new album is honestly so good).

    Be Vause! Do it, it would be awesome and then lots of photos. Enjoy Rocky at a midnight, that sounds so perfect!!

    Cranberry sauce is probably my favourite ever, I feel so lucky that one of my best friends (he is my brother, no other way to describe it) is American and his family invite me to their Thanksgiving every year now. I would absolutely LOVE to try that sauce, swimming in it as well? aha what a sight that would be! :p so excited for you on that.

    It is so very wonderful to hear of another's inspiration, I don't believe yours will ever truly leave you. You have a talent that will not fade :) What sort of themes/emotions are you focusing on in class? I always kind of wish I had taken a poetry/writing class but in fear that it would turn away from being my outlet/hobby I didn't. Although now in my final year of Geog, I cannot really complain at all! The writing centre sounds fabulous, what a great way to learn about so many new and interesting topics in one place.

    Ah yes back to the moody writing - we aren't totally lost after all. This has brightened my day (if you couldn't already tell so thank you so much for that).
    Love and light xxxxxx

  5. Happy October too! I love this month...I'm glad everything is going so well for you, keep it up girl! If you find yourself in Europe anytime soon send me an email we should get together and drink all the wine..I just got fired from my shitty waitressing job so..it is what it is...does wonders for my moody writing though! xx

    dreaming is believing

  6. so here is fall.i used to like it, then became the summer girl i am today and suddenly i find this post, i find these words and suddenly ,suddenly i open my eyes and breathe and feel and see; this is the right time to start again. again.

    Thank you. Try to get some rest hun, i can see why we can relate so well, try to get some rest for your mind ( and your mind alone) in between



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