Sunday, November 17

Welcome to my redesigned blog! The beautiful Natalia from Elan the Blog created this gorgeous design for my blog and I love it so so much! It's exactly what I wanted for my blog. My dear dear friend helped me with my old design and it was so perfect for a jumping off point.

My friend Niki actually said it best a few months back. She turned to me and said, "You know, I love your blog. I love the lavender. I just feel like you write these really beautiful moody pieces and your blog looks like running through a springtime meadow." I agreed. It was a little too light.

When I saw a design Natalia did on one of my favorite blogs, the lovely Meg's Shake, Rattle, and Ramble, I emailed her immediately asking for a design. I loved her approach. She made everything so personal and so thorough. She sent me a list of questions asking all sorts of things about me and my style and how I wanted the blog to look. Out of my disjointed thoughts she made this wonderful space.

I said I wanted Moody without feeling heavy. Inspired and hopeful but still with a sort of peaceful gloom. Like a rainy day with a warm cup of coffee. Your window is open and the skies are grey but your book or your writing is keeping you inspired. A lovely moodiness.

Mixture of light and dark greys. Hints of royal purple. Lilac. Turquoise.

Almost old world literary. Dracula/ Dorian Grey/ Gatsby. Moody and dark. Ink on a page. I think she nailed it :) I love it.

She made me a moodboard out of some pins I had on my blog pinboard that I think really nail the style of my blog and my mind.

Courtesy Elan Designs
It was just what I wanted and this blog is the perfect design. I hope you like the redesign! Go leave Natalia's blog some love too! She's great. Thank you so much Natalia!


  1. Love it, it looks great!

  2. It is a very great design indeed! :)
    well done you two! :)

  3. looking good, mama! i like the very faint white speckles on the black background. very polished and, of course, moody. :-)

  4. the new design is great, emma! love the 'tightrope to the sun' graphic, very unique look.

  5. very cool! i was just going to comment and say i like the way your blog looks so lucky me that it was a recent change and is still relevant!


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