let him in.

Friday, November 29

There are less than 24 hours of NaNoWriMo left. Here is another little peek of my story.

Current Word Count: 48,400

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  1. wow. gave me chills. Makes me want to read more!!!

  2. darling,this is such an interesting post! great photo
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  3. when can we read the rest of this story???
    I'm loving this...you've got a way of writing that really takes you to that time, place, feelings...what a gift you've got...I want more! :)
    ..thanks for the comment on my artwork btw..I appreciate it!
    take care!

  4. Amazing short story! You're going to be published one day, guarantee it. c:

  5. Intriguing, definitely! And congratulations on making your goal!


Thank you for your words; they light a fire in my heart. You are lovely.