act three scene one

Monday, November 11

Here's my second little preview of my Nano project :) Enjoy the scene and let me know what you think.

Current word count: 17,108

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  1. I love this, so beautifully written! You really are talented :) I love Hamlet too, the way these two characters discuss it is quite insightful! I want to read more.. tell me, is this part of a novel you're working on? I'm guessing so from the word count xx

    1. Yes it's part of my novel :) Thanks for reading! I'm so glad you liked it!


  2. "i wanted to smell him up close, smell the skin underneath his cologne and see if it smelled just as soft and right as the smell of his clothes" ah!

    emma, this is beautiful writing. i felt like i had to go over it twice to really grasp everything. it's really rich & meaty diolauge. cannot wait to read more. really though, post more of this asap!

  3. are you even serious right now?!?! LET ME READ ALL THE WORDS!!! you can't leave me hanging like this!!

  4. you're amazing. more blogs need to have talented writing like this. i love i love i love!! xo

    the well-traveled wife

  5. Most everything I write I blow off into cyberspace for the here and now. We follow our own muse. I like yours.

  6. Bahaha, that feeling, where the parents interrupt. So frustrating and embarrassing and just the worst thing ever! Proud of you, woman! I hope you keep sharing :)

  7. emma, these snippets are great. i'm so inspired by your dedication to this project. keep it up. i can't wait to pick up this book when it's printed and bound somewhere down the road.



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