theme song

Saturday, August 17

What do you hear inside your head all the time? What is the song that plays when you enter a room? What is the song of your heart? What do you hear buzzing in your ears when that fuzzy silence sets in late at night?

People are born with rhythm in their bodies. Bodies synchronize together and work together with the steady strum of the Earth moving beneath our feet. So what do you think is your theme song? Do you have a sweeping symphony full of violins and sorrowful strings? A power ballad from the 80s? A heavy bass blasting beat dropping with each footstep? 

First impressions happen quickly. Next time you find yourself face to face with someone new- or someone old that you are still trying to puzzle out- try to hear their theme song. Simple and sweet? Wild and pounding? Maybe your music will clash and maybe it will compliment. I love music and I love humans. 

I love simple songs with pretty words. I'd have an easy acoustic song following me, with a power chorus following right behind the sweet little verse, I think. It would be nostalgic and anguished and powerful and vulnerable. Like if Lana del Rey and Mumford and Sons got together for a night and then that baby was babysat by The Civil Wars and The Killers. That sounds about right. 

So what is your theme song? What do you sound like? What follows you into a room? I'd love to know, darlings. 

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  1. I love acoustic music too and especially songs which are beautifully written. I love Ivory Road by King Charles and I'll Be (Acoustic Version) by some guy I have forgotten the name of!
    Also, in reply to your pen pal comment on my post, I would love to be your pen pal! If you want to please email me at to exchange addresses etc. :)

  2. ahh i love this post! that is a rough question, mine is probably wildflowers by tom petty though :) does change from time to time, but usually comes back to that. love your blog, always gets me thinking! XO


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