Tuesday, October 15

I've found myself staying up
later and later

I feel you next to me
while the rest of the world
is sound asleep,
your hands on my hip,
the curve of you
curved on me.

The hours tick away softly
as your voice and sighs
grow louder in my ears.

Two AM.
We lay on your floor
listening to music.
I lay on my back,
staring at the wilting
neon stars on the ceiling.

Three AM.
We curl into each other
on your couch.
I curl into myself,
pressed into my wall.

Four AM.
Your lips travel
the length of my spine.
A cold wind finds its way
across my back
through my sheets.

Five AM.
I see you above me,
brushing the hair 
from my eyes.
I close my eyes
to keep your ghost 

Six AM.
We lay together,
panting and alive.
I lay alone,
sweating nostalgia
from every pore.

As the sun leaks 
through the curtains
and the rest of the world
shatters awake,
my eyes declare defeat.
I fall asleep
with you by my side.

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  1. "I close my eyes
    to keep your ghost

    Oh, Emma. I think you've been ruined in the past. I have an odd sort of respect for anyone who understands what it feels like to be in this situation.

  2. this is perfect Emma. this is one of my favorites.

  3. your words are so beautiful

  4. You are a majorly talented writer. The words paint such vivid, realistic pictures. So thankful to have stumbled upon your blog and get a peak into your creative self!

  5. 'to keep your ghost alive' beautiful words.
    The melody with which you canvas the story is beautiful. :)

  6. gosh. after reading your latest post i've spent an hour reading your blog. i'm probably going to read it all night. your writing is so addicting. i just want to read you novel already!


Thank you for your words; they light a fire in my heart. You are lovely.