sick as the day is long

Saturday, October 5

I love when the seasons change. My lungs however, do not seem to agree with me. Anyone else get sick every single year when summer fades into fall? It's the worst in the world because I always seem to be sick during the last good days of fall weather before Utah decides it's time for winter... three days into October. These are the last few days of sunshine, light breezes, bundled hikes and walks through the leaves. NOPE. I get to be stuck in bed, feeling dizzy every time I stand and coughing up my lungs.

Symptoms. 1. Bone rattling cough that leaves me crying and legitimately afraid of dying from lack of air. 2. The feeling of living inside of a snow globe every time I stand up. 3. Inability to keep warm even under a billion heavy blankets. 4. Runny nose capable of solving any drought crisis. (I'm sounding real good right about now. Boys, I am single and I would appreciate soup delivery.)

I have however read a lot and written a lot, so there is a bright side. I've caught up on a bunch of my shows (Insert me looking like a 70 year old woman watching ma stories.) I've also had a lot of time to think because being sick forces me from going 60 to slowing down to a good 3 miles per hour. Being sick as an adult is so much less fun than being sick as a kid. When you're a kid, you're missing school. As an adult, you're missing work. Homework makeup gives you something to do while you lie in bed all day. But missing money-making work? No good. No good at all.

I remember being sick in the winter of 7th grade. I missed an entire week of school and my mom made me go to school on Friday and collect all of my work that I'd missed so I could catch up over the weekend. Those four days were awesome. My mom set me up in her bed, I dozed on and off all day, threw up a few times but what did that matter when I was watching the Martha Stewart Christmas Special on repeat all week? After that week I was a yule log expert AND I could sing every song from The Wiggles Christmas Special.

It was so fun playing hookie from school and then going back the next week among the concern of teachers and friends. But now. Nobody cares if you're sick because that means covering shifts. And it's a lot less fun knowing you're losing money as opposed to classroom time. Here's hoping this clears up quickly! I got things to do, lungs. Work with me!

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  1. I hope you get better soon! It is horrible being ill - silly cold weather, why do you draw us in with your promises of jumpers and hot chocolates then make us ill?!

    1. Haha exactly! Get me all excited for fall and then WHAM sick as a dog.

  2. I just saw your comment on my blog- thanks so much and I followed you back!

  3. I must be having this now because the past 3 weeks I have just felt awful!! Hang in there! And have lots of chicken noodle soup!
    xo TJ

  4. Be well big girl. Your writing seems to be doing fine.


    David C

  5. I love being sick. That' embarrassing and stupid because health is something to be grateful for. But being able to do nothing and it being justified is just the best feeling haha. I should get a life, but I hope you get better!

  6. i mean, i hate the way being sick makes me feel, but i always feel like i can finally be productive with personal things around the house. glad you got to catch up on shows and reading! :)


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