for Lux

Tuesday, January 21

You felt the wind in
your hair, even in the
last moments when
the wind was carbon dioxide,
snuffing out your cigarette
and snapping the flirtation
from your eyes.

The castles in your mind
toppled and crumbled as
their hands fondled and gripped,
first only one, then a score
of men by moonlight.
Their hands were the hands of
Gods and monsters.

Where was your mind?
Where were you dreaming of?
How did we fail you?
What land have you and
your sisters run to with
ropes on your neck and
pills in your bellies?

Now you can move through
us all, barely kissing our eyelids
with your ever laughing
lips, lusting for life,
hungry for love and journey.
Golden hair bleeds down your back
and brushes over us as we dream of you.

(Based on The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides)

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  1. beautiful darling... i love this story too btw, virgin suicides.... classic

  2. the title didn't clue me in, not until i got halfway through to the part about ropes and pills. i like this a lot a lot.

  3. Lux is a crush of mine, a favorite story and dream.


  4. Your writings are the best. Don't ever ever ever stop!

  5. so good your writing.I have to read that book.xx

    dreaming is believing

  6. this is so beautiful, my god.
    i loved the film, i need to read the book.
    lux is fascinating x

  7. WOW! this is beautifully written. So odd because I am in the middle of watching that and am putting together a project based on the movie, and this inspired me so much to do it. Lux is so intriguing and I love everything about this film.


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Thank you for your words; they light a fire in my heart. You are lovely.