i resolve not to dissolve

Friday, January 3

Here's another resolution post to clog your feeds and minds at this time of year. I've seen posts of people saying they hate resolutions and some say they love them because it's nice to feel inspired, if only for the first month. Last year was the first year that I achieved any of my resolutions and that feeling of accomplishment stretched out over a year is really an amazing feeling. It's nice to work at something for an entire year and get it done. It's like the world's best to do list finally being crossed off.

I don't have as many resolutions this year because college is a thing again this year. But I do have a few.

1. Read 40 books in 2014
Last year I read 50 books and that was awesome. This year I want to read a few less to allow myself some time for school and junk. Yay books!

2. Finish my novel and have query letters ready to send out by October.
So I have my 50,000 words but I have a few more to go until the book is completely done. I hope to finish the first draft by at least March or April, edit all summer, send the book out by fall.

3. Get a 4.0 each semester in school.
I'm not letting college to to waste this time around. I'm at my dream school in my dream major. This will be my time. It will be all for me. I'm going to do the absolute best I can and settle for nothing less.

4. Read every book that is assigned to me in school in its entirety.
No sparknotes, no summaries. I want to read them all. HA we will see.

5. Do not let myself get washed away or dissolve.
I'm through compromising myself and my dreams. I'm done taking any crap from anywhere. I am my own person and I will live this life for myself before anyone else. I want to stay true to myself and who I am and never let my personality wilt for other humans. I like myself too much.

Not too many, nothing that I know I cannot do. No fitness crap that I truly don't care about. 2014 will be my year because I will make it mine.

Let's go, lovelies. Let's get this year.

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  1. I love this challenge to read 40 books in the new year! I already have 1 down, I guess 39 to go!
    Would love some book recommendations so post the books that you read if you can! :)
    xo TJ


  2. couldn't have said it any better! hope your year is off to a good start x

  3. YES! this was so inspiring! good luck with your goals this year! (impressed by how many books you read--i considered myself a reader until i saw that. ha!)

  4. i love that - 2014 will be my year because i will make it mine. no victim of circumstances, just owning it.

  5. happy 2014! you have lots of ambitious goals, i'm sure you will achieve them :) I def need to read more books not less this year!

  6. Ah Em! What a wonderful post. 40 books sounds wonderful - I tried setting myself 50 but wittled it down to just 24 ha! I love your "No fitness crap" - my kinda person. And I'm really eager to read your book!

    So if you ever want a little friend to have a glance over your hard work, please choose me! :o)

    Laura xx

  7. I love these resolutions so much!! I read a lot in 2013 but need to step it up a bit this year!! #5 is perfect. I feel the same way..but didn't know how to write it into words!

    Hope xx

  8. Wow what a lovely post :) I hope you had a great weekend dear.

    Check out my new post....a delish recipy you MUST try :)

    Have a fab week

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - inredning it's, Swedish for decor :)


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