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Sunday, September 1

Can you believe it? This year has flown buy and I for one am pretty grateful for that. When I woke up on January 1st, I knew 2013 would be a hard year. I just had a feeling that I would feel lost all year, feel like I'm wading around waiting for my life to start.

I went to Davis last Friday to talk to my dear friend Mr. Larsen and he put a lot of things in to perspective for me. He said that it's hard for people to spend so much of their time doing things for everyone else and nothing for themselves. It's hard to be patient for your time to shine. I feel that 2013 has been that for me. I was involved in a program I wasn't 100% about, I'm working in a place I'm not 100% about and I'm just itching for January. I cannot wait to start working toward MY goals finally without spending so much time considering everyone else's goals and plans for me. I have big plans of my own, world, and I tell you what: This fall I'm revving up my engines. Next year is mine. And it starts now. Let's do this September. I can't wait to see where you take me.

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Some brilliant things are happening this September, and the rest of the year. Like:
  • pumpkin spice lattes. I used a secret code and got one early yesterday. Tasted like cuddling.

  • Real cuddling is more delicious in the fall. If you want to date me, do it in the fall. We can jump in leaves together.
  • Only two months until Catching Fire!
  • One month to Halloween month! (Also side note... the PLL Halloween episode. If they don't redeem the hot mess that was the season finale... we are donezo.)
  • September is WFMAD month! (Write fifteen minutes a day) This is hosted by one of my favorite authors, Laurie Halse Anderson, on her blog. It's a challenge for writers who have found themselves to be a bit... lazy with their writing during the sumer months. It's a good way to get back in to writing every day! You can check out her post here.
  • In October, I am seeing Imagine Dragons in concert! Woo!
  • Leaves are gonna change colors so soon. Cool fall afternoon hikes, anyone?
  • I can finally wear my boots again without dying of heat stroke.
  • We are THIS MUCH CLOSER to Christmas!
  • My TV shows are coming back on! New Girl, Parks and Rec, Grey's Anatomy. Mmm I've missed these shows. 
What has got you excited this September? And for the rest of the year? Let me know! I love knowing what makes people happy :) 

Happy September and happy fall!


  1. http://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/its-decorative-gourd-season-motherfuckers

  2. gah!! catching fire! new girl! halloween! pll! i am excited for it all! and i here ya girl. i can feel it to. this next year is going to be one to remember.


  3. Jumping in leaves together, is there a more true love in the world?



  4. those are all wonderful things :) september is a great month to start a new year. i have just started a blogging challenge 2 seconds ago, but i might do the 15 minute writing challenge next month, even though the name won't work anymore then :p and i have never tried a pumpkin spice latte, this fall i'm going to!

  5. i genuinely can't believe this summer has flown so much! i i can't believe it's nearly christmas too ah i'm so excited!
    Across the Nightingale Floor

  6. emma, i just stalked both of your blogs & you are brilliant. (& have fantastic taste in literature!) i love your fall list--fall is, hands down, the most magical season.

    i look forward to reading more :)

  7. I am so excited for autumn! That latte sounds amazing - I will definitely be checking Starbucks over the next few weeks! They always do gingerbread flavours near Christmas so I am super excited for that as well! :)


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