warm visions

Sunday, September 15

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I have a mere two weeks of my internships left. Two weeks until I can get back to my life. Two weeks until I can stop living for others and begin life for myself. Mr. Larsen told me a few weeks back that there is only so much a person can take of sitting in the used grey shadows of the dreams of others before their own dreams come busting forth too powerful to contain.

Life keeps inching forward toward happiness and growth and it's giving me warm visions for the future. You are in every single vision. Every night as the moon crests the mountains and life gets clearer and closer to the finish line of September, your face eases in to my mind like ink rushing across a page. Our hazy grey days keep swimming in my mind and brimming across my eyelids in steady waterfalls.

My inconstant moon- just out of reach- is keeping me up at night. I'll take the moon's indirect gaze until it is ready to warm my nights with it's silver grey light. I feel big things coming. I feel the moon pulling my hand forward like the tides.


  1. stop being the perfect writer!!! and i am so happy we both decided to take OUR lives into our own hands at the same time. i feel like it is going to be a crazy adventure.

    1. It will be the best adventure. Together yo :)

  2. ah, this post is so lovely. your writing is wonderful!

    lindsey louise


  3. This post is so beautiful! I have been meaning to read the book thief and looking for Alaska. After reading this I am going to get the books immediately!

  4. This is a beautiful piece of writing. Where can I learn to write so well? :)


Thank you for your words; they light a fire in my heart. You are lovely.