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Sunday, September 22

My weekend in a picture.
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I took another drive this weekend, but I wasn't alone. It was quite an event leading up to this drive. What a wonderful Friday.

I went back to dear old Davis to see the annual Night of Shakespeare. I was incredibly excited to see the show since I've been coaching some of the kids this last week. They were amazing! They knew the text, they knew the emotion, they knew Shakespeare. Breath was being given to these characters from the souls of these teenagers and I was breathing it in like a drug. I love seeing Shakespeare performed well. Luckily, so does my theater teacher. Holla.

I went with Niki and Ally and when we got to the show, our dear old friend Christine and Tucker came in! Tucker and I have this thing where we always end up on Tumblr or Facebook at three in the morning talking about music and boys. He's for real the best and it was so great to finally be real life friends instead of just internet friends. After the show ended, Niki, Ally, Tucker, and I went to Ihop so I could wade in a vat of red velvet pancakes and hashbrowns while we talked about our romantic lives, or lack thereof, and reminisce about the past. The conversation continued into the Walmart, Allison's grandma's garage, and then finally in my car in the Davis High parking lot.

The minutes fled quickly that night with the windows down and the slow September breeze fanning us gently as we laughed and remembered. A lot of topics were covered, Tucker got to kiss a girl for the first time (sup Tucker.), and eventually Niki and Ally drifted on home leaving Tucker and I for more conversation... and a dead car battery. WHOOPS. But it was cool because I had amazing company, a few year's worth of stories to share, and Travis from AAA. It took a whopping three seconds for him to fix my battery and then to be told "don't turn the car off for 20 minutes." Deal, Travis. Deal. I hijacked Tucker and our drive up the mountain began.

I turned each street with ease, years of driving this path under my belt. I drove where I always go when Ogden Canyon is too far, but home is too close. I've driven this route crying, laughing, singing, smiling. Tonight I drove it thinking and sharing music with a wonderful friend. I asked his advice about my life, he asked me opinions of his personality (TUCKER GIRL YOU FABULOUS) and we shared melancholy melodies in the night. When I finally took Tucker home, everything felt easier and settled. The drive was cathartic, the conversation better. I love talking. I love listening. I love learning and sharing. Hearing different opinions about the happenings in your life will never not be helpful, just as that sentence will never not be dreadful. Or accurate.

I got into bed at 4 in the morning feeling so exhausted but so hopeful and buzzing with good vibes. It's nice to lay in bed at night, especially that late and still find yourself giggling about what happened that night, the people you ran into, the people you ignored, the memories you shared. Nostalgia is like a drug. I guess it's just up to you if you make it a happy drug, or a debilitating one.


  1. EMMA! How did I miss so many of your posts?! I love your posts. So this is kind of a response to all of them! Hahah, okay so this sounds like an AWESOME night with AWESOME friends and AWESOME memories (enough AWESOME used???) hehe.

    I loved that previous post about your hometown! Now that I'm out of my little town, I miss it more than ever. The familiarity and the little things. Your little town sounds cute. Also, I can't believe movies are $2-$3 there!!!!! Here they're like $15!!!!!!

    Oh, you're a gem! I hope we meet sometime!

    1. Haha this was an AWESOME comment :) The little things in my town are what I love the most, honestly. I am city hungry but I love my little town with my little bedroom.

      GIRl when you come here and we meet I will take you to that theater and I will PAY FOR YOUR $3 TICKET. I love you all the days.

  2. this is perfect!! can we have nights like this ALL the time when we move out?! alright, perfect. i am so excited for 3am dance parties, and staying up all night crying/laughing over boys. lady, you are seriously one of my BEST friend in the entire world!!! i love YOU all the days!!

  3. This is absolutely perfect, girl!
    xo TJ

  4. the enthusiasm is coming through the screen

  5. "Nostalgia is like a drug. I guess it's just up to you if you make it a happy drug, or a debilitating one."

    Well THAT was profound.

  6. THE PEOPLE YOU IGNORED HAHAHA. Poor guy. Anyway, thank you so much for the lionization! I feel like you and I are similar people who realize the fact and appreciate each other greatly for it. More nights like this will be had.

    1. Haha oh man ignoring people. Whatever. I love you.

  7. Nice post!!! I like your blog! would you like to follow each other with GFC and Bloglovin?
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥


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