red dress

Thursday, September 12

I wore my new red dress that night.

I had hearts in my tights that were
imprinted on my legs til morning.

It was the fifth time
seeing you.

I fell in love
time two.

I needed you
time five.
You wore the outfit of
our first date.

You wore it often,
it becoming synonymous 
with that snowy chill,
the freezing November air that
held us captive in your headlights.

Tonight you held me captive
in your eyes.
We gingerly skated toward 
the hot tub,
the most you had seen of my curves
thus far.

We stayed in til our 
heads were buzzing
and our noses were red. 

You held my hand as we 
walked back into the warm
glowing house.

I slipped my red dress back on,
My body still damp from the tub.
The dress with the open back,
where you kept your hand all night.
The tights with hearts
pouring down my legs.


  1. Lovely. It's a poem. Gorgeous. X Jane

  2. Emma, I KNOW I've said this before. But you're SO TALENTED AHHH!!! I loved this so so so much!!! You're magnificent.

  3. When I die, will you write my obituary? It'll make me seem fantastic.:)

  4. wow! this is so wow! well done you, talented girl! :)
    sounds so romantic, so intimate! loving it! :))

  5. There is a lot of good imagery in this poem, lots of explicit description, which is good. Using the word "buzzing" to describe the feeling of being in a hot tub is very appropriate and recognizable. I think my favorite image is the hearts "pouring" down your tights. Excellent.

    1. Hey thanks, love! You are too kind. I'm glad people are liking this poem :) It's my personal favorite.


Thank you for your words; they light a fire in my heart. You are lovely.