Dear Sir,

Saturday, July 27

Hallo, sir. Today I came in to the spa you work at to redeem a massage coupon that has been gathering dust in my room for a few months. I received the certificate as a gift but have felt too guilty to use it. Then when the guilt went away I felt like I only wanted to use it when I felt like I deserved it.

Seeing as last night was the last night of my job and I will be finishing a program I have been working on for a year, it was high time I treated myself to a day of relaxation. You were very charming and so kind and even through the dim spa lighting, your eyes were bright and clear.

I was scared that the massage would be awkward; I was unsure if you were going to talk to me or if you did, I was afraid it would be stilted and bizarre. It was anything but. You were so personable and so driven. Your love of music was so inspiring and brilliant.

Thanks for talking to me about how much you love the little pure moments in music that everyone seems to miss. Thank you for telling me about your dreams to build the perfect guitar amp. Thank you for telling me you loved my name and telling me it sounds like the name of an author. That right there won you about 800 points.

It's people like you that make me love art and love creativity. Your soul was so connected to your hands and your hands were connected to your heart. When you started talking about your dreams for your music and electronics, I could feel the passion spilling from your hands into me. Thank you sincerely for sharing that with me today. Your passion is remarkable and something that is deserving of praise and love.

Passionate people are hard to come by. Even worse, passionate people who aren't afraid of their passion are hard to find. You aren't afraid of it and you embrace it. It's beautiful.

I loved talking music with you and talking about the horrible people who hit on us at our jobs. You're funny and sweet. Also cute. That too.

Let's go get curry sometime?




  1. I loved this. I've never received a massage but I would probably be an awkward mess, but I'm so glad it wasn't for you! Sounds like it was a great time indeed. And I agree with this man, your name sounds like an author a name. You go girl, you deserved that massage!

    And thanks for your incredibly sweet comment. I'm glad I'm not the only introvert. And man oh man I agree with the "I love my friends but sometimes they take drinking to the next level and it's hard to be around them" I couldn't agree anymore girl! I can tell we would be great friends :)

  2. ughhh a massage sounds gooood haha
    i really love that instant connection with people, shared passions and all that.

  3. hmmm. I think you should marry him.

  4. oooooooh yummy!

    (on your latest post) i'm having bittersweet feelings about leaving my hometown & going back to my college town. sigh. summa.


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