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Thursday, July 18

As I was reading my daily blogs, I came across a post from a new blog that I found recently. This girl is the cutest and she is British. So mostly I am obsessed with her and I read quite a few of her older posts as well as the post she wrote a few days back called Inspirational Tag. When you check out that post, look at her other ones. Girl has amazing style and she can write! I love her blog.

Inspiration is so excellent but it can be so hard to come by. Lately I have been feeling crazy inspired and I want to spread the wealth because I know what it feels like to be hunting for inspiration. It feels awful to feel like you have nothing to say and nothing to inspire you.

I tag all of you lovely readers to participate in this tag and share your tips for inspiration! Then when any of us feel uninspired we can look back at these posts, started by The Emerald Dove, we can get that flood of inspiration.

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So here are the questions to answer for this tag as well as my answers. :)

What is your favorite quotation?
What would you say to someone who feels inadequate?
What do you wish someone had told you before?
What is your advice for anyone who is being bullied?
What is your mantra in life?
What gets you down or do you find difficult and what would you say to anyone in a similar position?
Which historical figure do you identify most with?

(I love these questions by the way. Talk about getting inspiration flowing.)

What is your favorite quotation? I have a lot but one of my absolute favorites is from F. Scott Fitzgerald. He says, "That is part of the beauty of all literature. You discover that your longings are universal longings, that you're not lonely and isolated from anyone. You belong." I love this quote so much and always find a lot of inspiration in the books I read.

What would you say to someone who feels inadequate? I would tell them that we have all felt this way before. Every time you feel inadequate will be matched by at least 20 more moments when you feel perfectly adequate or even extraordinary. Every hard moment will one day be a blip on the radar of your wonderful life.

What do you wish someone had told you before? I wish someone would have told me that ti's ok to feel stuck and feel depressed. It's ok to feel down for a long time because you have been hurt. Take all the time you need to bounce back but understand that you need to feel the pain you have felt in order to move on.

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What is your advice for anyone who is being bullied? You are better than the person who is hurting you. I know that we are told to look at life through their eyes and try to understand that if a person is bullying us, they must be hurting too. But guess what? Just because they are hurting does NOT mean they have the right to hurt you. Nobody has that right. Ever. You are stronger than them because you chose not to bully. Choice and accountability, friends. Tell someone you trust what is happening and make something happen to end it. Be proactive.

What is your mantra in life? Another Fitzgerald quote clearly. "Vitality shows in not only the ability to persist but in the ability to start over." 

What gets you down or do you find difficult and what would you say to anyone in a similar position? What gets me down is when I feel like whatever I am being made to do is pointless. Or if I hate what I'm doing but know it will benefit me in the long run. I hate not being constantly able to live my dreams and my passions. If I had my choice all I would do all day is read and write. Sadly, life requires money and work so I have to put my passions on hold for a hot second. Sometimes it gets hard to focus on short term goals because you are blinded by your long term future and wants. Persist, guys. Don't sabotage yourself out of doing your best because you just want to get to the good part of life. Work hard in all you do and you will get there faster. Keep going.

Which historical figure do you identify most with? Anne Boleyn. Always and forever. Homegirl knew what she wanted and she worked her corseted butt off to get there. She was so smart and so clever and was ahead of her time. I identify a lot with her determination and her zeal for the things she loved. She makes me feel sexy and powerful and I always strive to be more courageous and determined as she was. Also... she is hot as hell. Captured a King's eye and didn't do the nasty with him for seven years. She's the best ever. 

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That smirk. Get her out of here. 
I loved this tag! I hope to see some more responses to it! Thanks again to The Emerald Dove for starting the tag! Go love on her blog and make your own response.

TAG! You're it! 


  1. Thank you for the lovely things you said about me! I love your blog too and I always come over to your blog to read your Fitzgerald quotes and everything else! Have to say, your blog is very well written.
    Your answers are great! I have been studying Anne Boleyn recently and every account of her does seem to radiate her strength of mind and purpose. :)

    1. Glad you like my blog! You are so sweet. And I'm glad you are liking Anne Boleyn! You have good taste :)



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