Mental Health Day

Tuesday, July 2

On Monday when my teacher was working with me on oral surgery, she leaned in and said, "Sooo... I have some family things to attend to so I won't be able to be here on Tuesday or Wednesday. So if you wanted to not come to school... that would be ok. I just feel like the other teachers aren't ready to teach you alone so if you want to take some time off... go ahead."

Don't have to tell me twice. 

I was in need of a major mental health day. I've been so stressed about moving and finishing school and  I just continually put so much pressure on myself. And now the day of my move is set in stone. I'll be in my new place on August 1st. WHAT EVEN?! I'm scared but I feel better after my last post all about my stress. Sometimes you just have to word vomit. And it heals.

But I took the opportunity today to rest and recover. I slept in, cuddled with my dogs, read a ton, ate a pound of mac and cheese. (Side note, can we all agree that shaped mac and cheese tastes 100% better than regular mac and cheese? This is science.)

Look at these beans. Lexi top left, Vo on the right, and Emmy lounging
like the Queen she is.
After I spent my day relaxing, Niki and I went and got snow cones and sat outside in the summer breeze. We wanted corn dogs but after that plan was foiled we settled on my favorite food, Pad Thai. Always the best option.

It was a successful mental health day. Everyone deserves one every now and then. Sometimes, contrary  to popular belief, it is the adult thing to do to blow off responsibilities and take some time to heal your mind and let your body rest.

Namaste, ya'll. 

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  1. so yeah, you are the greatest. couldn't agree more, but im pretty sure i always say that. haha i need one of these days BAD. luckily i am house sitting in a couple of days. hallelujah!


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