Hump Day Jams

Wednesday, July 3

Doesn't everyone just love the Fourth of July? It's definitely one of my absolute favorite holidays. I love the heat, the sun soaked sidewalks, the fireworks, the friends. It's all amazing. I loved it when I rode on the city council float with my daddy, and I love it now laying back and watching the fireworks with my best friends.

Dang it, I just love America. And Lana del Rey, who also loves America. This song is so sweet and lovely and I get what she means by her descriptions and wanting an American boy. American boys are different. I love them. One or two in particular.


Your skin so golden brown,
Be young, be dope, be proud,
Like an American.

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  1. Oh Lana, how I love her. I always love her videos! They're in themselves a work of art. I hope you had an awesome fourth :D

    xo Marlen
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