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Tuesday, July 23

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I'm sure we are all in agreement about the spectacular gift that is music. No blog is complete without a music appreciation post, I think. Music is one of those universal joys that has a way of connecting the masses and liberating souls. Lilting melodies dance in our hearts and bursting beats break our minds apart before rhythmically pulsating them back together.

It's a rare moment when I don't have music playing. It's on when I study, when I write or read, when I drive, in the background while I talk with friends. I even leave playlists running as I sleep. Music inspires me and calms me. I love feeling it surround me and press itself into me. There is a song for everything. 

Is there anything better than catching someone tapping their toes or seeing the chills rush along someone's arm when they hear a song for the first time and get so swept away. I doubt it. 

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Last Christmas I got one of the best presents of my entire life. The sweetheart I got them from remembered my love of music and got me a pair of noise canceling headphones. Beats headphones. Designed by Lady Gaga. The creme de la creme of headphones. And they are gorgeous.

They looked like studs and they fit perfectly. I adore them and I keep them so safe and sound. When they aren't in use, they are protected in their case. I don't share them. They are a prized possession. 

If you haven't listened to music with noise canceling headphones, do not wait any longer. It was such a vivid experience when I first listened with them and even now, months later, it amazes me when I put them in. Every part of the outside world is blocked out; it's just you and the music. I heard parts of my favorite songs I had never noticed before. I heard the singers take a breathe before each sentence they sang. I heard swelling chords and felt the deep drum beats rattling in my bones. I have never felt more connected or alive than when I have these headphones in. It's like a constant private show in my head. It's so intimate and so sensual, almost. I feel every part of the song like individual molecules entering my bloodstream. 

Today and every day, take time to shut out the world and breathe in music. 
Let it fill you. 
Let it carry you away.


  1. We like coordinated...I blogged about how inspiring a particular song is on my blog today. It's kind of like when you show up to school and see someone wearing the same shirt as you. Only in blogging, that's not a bad thing. :)

    1. Ha I'm always down for music coordination! It keeps me warm ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Right. Nothing better in the land :)


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